Company Strategy

The Group’s business objective is to emerge as a leading energy sector company and emerge as one of the top five private sector power developer and generators in India by 2016 and additionally to have extensive footprint across the energy value chain areas of mineral interests, renewable opportunities such as solar power to supplement the energy business in India.

Early Development

The Group plans to capitalise on the current Indian market opportunity by leveraging its early development and construction efforts in the generation segment through appropriate long term sale arrangement – both with high credit industrial consumers as well as local utilities at attractive price points under the appropriate project types. This is expected to enable a significant uplift in short term cash profitability and provide the much required internal accrual for further growth and investment opportunities.

Efficient Power Supply Mix

The Group’s business strategy on long term sustainable power generation model is planned around an integrated fuel supply power generation model, that seeks to leverage the partnership with various state owned mining companies for long term sustainable and cost effective fuel supplies with a PPA mix that obligates part of the power supplies to such enabling state entities and balance sales to other consumers thus enabling sustainable power plant business model as well as efforts to actualize more than average market returns. We intend to continue to focus on a developer driven business model and establish power projects with cost-efficient, sustainable, long-term sources of fuel.

Capitalise on the emerging mineral opportunities

The Group envisages an ever increasing shortage of vital raw material for various thermal projects in India (both for peak and base load requirements) and hence additional spur in demand for businesses that can enable the fuel linkage. Leveraging its experience in the power generation and the recent experience in operating the Gurha (E) lignite block in India, the company has now finalized plans for a foray into the mineral business / mine development support business in India. While we believe that we have adequate quantities of fuel to sustain our current plans on power projects, the group continues to explore other options for strengthening fuel supplies.

Renewable power – the long term commitments for sustainability

As part of the strategy to address global environmental concerns on carbon and emissions as well as having a balanced portfolio including renewable sources and complement the Groups extensive footprint in thermal power, the group has initiated various solar generation business opportunities. The group envisages a long term viable business opportunity of solar power generation in India. Also integral to such strategy, the group continues to explore other renewable opportunities of hydro and wind energy opportunities.

With increasing participants in the private power generation sector in India and the evolution of market dynamics based operation and maintenance of power projects across the country, the Group intends to maintain its differentiation form competitive peers through a focused on ground execution of projects, actively engage on fuel security and leverage the brown field expansion opportunities in active consultation and support of the vital public stakeholders.

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