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Power from knowledge is not a mere catchy slogan designed to adorn the logo of the Group but more a deep felt belief, which stimulated the founders of the Company to venture into areas far different from the traditional approach to power generation and utilities business. Every new power project has been looked upon as an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and new insights and resultantly such knowledge was not just stored away in the minds of few, but reflected in the various power generation assets on the ground.

KSK’s power generation business is built around the fundamental building blocks of an innovative and practical asset model, intrinsic fuel security, appropriate offtake and financing mix supported by strong execution and operation capabilities.

While the initial journey started with the company setting up a plant of their own using reciprocating engine technology to overcome the problems of utilizing isolated small gas deposits and trying out unique marketing arrangements that are not dependent on long term contracts with utilities, it gradually moved to the larger sizes through appropriate adoptions wherein it designed and implemented PPA arrangements for selling power directly to large consumers by which the security of payments was assured.

To stay ahead in an uncertain global energy scenario and provide our customers with stable power supply at affordable prices fuel plays a vital role. Reliable fuel supply being a prerequisite for sustainable generation and since coal is likely to play a dominant role in India's energy scene in the immediate term, the group entered into strategic collaboration with various government owned mining companies in India and helped them access to new coal and resultant efficient power generation.

In addition to participation of reputed financial investors, the listing of the parent on the London Stock Exchange and the Indian subsidiary on Indian stock exchanges enabled the much requisite equity for pursuit of the opportunities and upon completion of KSK Mahanadi KSK could be among the top 5 private power developer in India and accounting for more than 3% of the energy generation in India in the near future. The Company like a magnificent tree has reached a stage of growth when the roots are well settled and it has to branch out and is now taking up solar, wind, hydro power generation.

KSK depends on knowledge for growth and team work and loyal support of their executives and employees for implementation. Here again, knowledge based innovations have been introduced to reduce the construction time and eliminate the uncertainties of fuel supply and power sales. KSK is ever reaching out to grow and serve. Join in this exhilarating voyage with enthusiasm. I wish all technical, administrative and managerial personnel associated with KSK would become part of a learning community, which tries to gain knowledge from all sources and apply that knowledge for the good of the Company and the country.

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